Who are we?

Jason aka “Daddy”

Jason works as a “work from home” graphic designer. He is also responsible for the publishing of this blog. When not venting about parenting, working, or blogging, he will probably be parenting, working, or blogging.


Mama works full time at a local hospital. When she is home, she enjoys spending time with the little guys and super-stealthy ninja “lurking” on Daddy’s posts. 🙂

Jonny aka “Bubba”

Jonny is my big 3rd grader. He is now 9 years old and growing up WAY too fast. He enjoys playing outside with his friends, or watching YouTube and playing Disney Infinity. Jonny is a world-beater and has overcome bilateral hip dysplasia and a cleft palate.

Jonah aka “Jojobee”

Jojo is my Ausome 4-year-old! He was diagnosed with severe/nonverbal autism in December 2016. Jojo loves to laugh, run, play and color or paint. He enjoys doing ANYTHING outdoors.