Week 5

So we are 5 weeks into ABA and still we are seeing progress.

He is naming colors constantly. He can identify colors of different objects if he understands what they are asking for. He is still learning what the word “color” actually means, though he understands the concept already.

He is starting to name parts of words (word sounds) and will attempt to imitate words and word sounds 100% of the time. As with a lot of things in his journey, he has skipped steps! Some of the skills he learned with Gemiini (word recognition and imitation) are skills he is not expected to replicate yet. They usually start with word sounds and parts of words, before going right into “full words.”

They want him to understand the sounds that make up words, and eventually the letters that make up those sounds, not just the words themselves.

But Jonah is totally fine imitating word sounds. He will match the sound with the flash card, even if the word doesn’t quite match up (they ask him to say “Bub-O” instead of “bubble”). He can say “bubble” just fine, but imitating “Bub-O” is a challenge. He always leaves off that last “b” sound (“buh-O”).

He is starting to say “no” when expressing displeasure, which is a huge accomplishment. We have been working hard to give him a tool to express frustration or a “negative” feeling. For now, he tacks it on to the end of his scream “waaaaah-no!” I’ll take it. Progress is progress.

He is getting a bit fatigued earlier, but that was to be expected. He is 2 weeks into a new longer routine. His schedule is currently 3 hours of preschool, 2 hours of an extended ‘autism’ program, with about an hour break before ABA.

The therapists are very understanding and accommodating of his needs. If he seems to not be feeling it, they don’t force him to ‘work.’ They will let him play. Sometimes, they will just leave early. They work with what he is willing to give them to work with. He is not forced to comply. He is not even asked to comply. Toys aren’t taken as consequences or put away after they leave. The praise he receives is all genuine and I am always present.

5-weeks into ABA, overall, it has been all positives.

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Jason Reynolds

Jason is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. He is also a parent of Jonny (9) and Jonah (4) who was diagnosed with Autism in December 2016.
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