6 Gift Ideas for An Autistic Toddler

So the holidays are here!

There are only a few days left until Christmas and you still don’t know what to get your Ausome toddler??

Well aren’t you glad you found this page?

Throughout the year, I have been doing a series of sensory toy reviews that Jonah loves to play with. I have compiled them into a single post here for your convenience.

Bear in mind that I did these on the fly throughout the year which means that some are weather-dependent.

1) Water Pillow

Have you guys seen these water pillows? We got one and Jonah LOVES it.

It’s called the H20 Go [water pillow] by Best Way.

And the best part? He can play with water without actually getting wet! With his water table, Jonah would peel off his clothes as they got wet but with this, he doesn’t have to get wet at all!

Runs about $25 at Toys”R”Us or check it out on Amazon


2) Water Sensory Table

Jonah loves the water in the summertime. So naturally, we got Jonah a water sensory table by Little Tikes.

He loved it. (though it lasted a week.) He just piled so much in it, the legs broke off. It isn’t a problem, as we can still play with it without any legs. Little Tikes even offered to replace it.

It’s about $40 at Target

3) The Jolly Penguins

So this toy Jonah adores is called the Jolly Penguins.

He actually played with this for so long when I opened it, he fell asleep playing with it.

I only wish I could get it to SHUT UP. Otherwise, it’s great!

It retails on Amazon right now for $12.95.
Check it out (link below)!


4) Pop-Up Sleepover Tent

So I got this tent for Jonny, but Jonah also loves playing in it.
If feeling enclosed helps with sleeping or at least staying in bed, it is definitely worth a look. If you haven’t tried using an enclosed space for sleeping, it might be worth trying.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but it pops right up, and folds right back up flat for easy storage.

Incidentally, all my kids and pets like being in it.

You can find it right now at Walmart for about $15 or so.


5) Water Spout

An excellent water-sensory toy here is called the Flow ‘N’ Fill by Yookidoo International

It is basically a water fountain that can be used in the bath tub or in a deep sink and will save you money on your water bill if your kid loves to play with running water from the tap… It comes with a number of different cups and things that your kiddos can play with and it has been a big hit so far.

I got it on Amazon for $24.95


6) Magic Mesh

I wasn’t expecting this to be a sensory toy, but looking at how Jonah playw with it, it just makes sense.

This is just a temporary screen for our sliding glass door, but Jonah finds it fascinating so I decided to review it.

It is currently $14.87 at Walmart


That’s it for now.

Does your Ausome kiddo have a favorite toy? Do you know of a good inexpensive Christmas present I left off? Feel free to sound off in the comments! 

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Jason Reynolds

Jason is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. He is also a parent of Jonny (9) and Jonah (4) who was diagnosed with Autism in December 2016.
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