What is “Autism Awareness?”

As I wade into being a parent of my little Ausome, I am learning that Autism awareness is so much more than a puzzle piece pin or a ribbon.

Autism awareness is empathy for the parents on an airplane or in the supermarket with an Ausome toddler melting down.

Autism awareness is support for all those who have waited (in some cases up to 4 years) for any services.

Some are denied services because they do not have an official diagnosis–being forced to wait up to a year and a half just for that.

Autism awareness is getting down in the trenches with a caretaker or parent, stepping in for a night so they can have a bit of a respite.

Autism awareness is looking the value of an autistic individual instead of the disability.

Autism awareness is befriending someone with autism, not out of pity, but because you value them, and their friendship.

Autism awareness is standing up to bullies.

Autism awareness isn’t “looking for a cure.” It is accepting those affected as a whole and not a broken piece.

Autism awareness is getting right on their level, and really experiencing life through their mind’s eye, even if it doesn’t make sense to you.

Autism awareness is this:


Understand those with autism.
Accept those with autism.
Be inspired by those with autism.

Not BECAUSE they have autism, but because they are inspiring.

Someone with autism continually makes me want to be a better me.


Jason Reynolds
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Jason Reynolds

Jason is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. He is also a parent of Jonny (9) and Jonah (4) who was diagnosed with Autism in December 2016.
Jason Reynolds
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