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So I’ve been part of the Autism community for about 4 months now and I one thing I have noticed about the demographic involved with support and caregiving (at least on social media). It is made up of 85%-90% female.

This is probably not a reflection of the demographic percentage of actual caregivers, but that is what I have observed in social media, either in forums, or on various autism pages.

And being a Dad of an Ausome, there is no lack of support from the community, but if you are looking for support from other Dads in a similar situation, you do have to do some searching.

I’ve simplified that search for you. If you are a male caregiver or if you KNOW a male caregiver that is looking for support from other Dads/Male Caregivers here is a list for you.

I’m sure I’ve left some off, but, again, I’ve not been around all that long. Feel free to sound off on other pages/groups in the comments.

Also, as a disclaimer, I will tell you that these are all from Facebook.


I haven’t found a lot of Facebook Groups just for Dads, but I found ONE good one and I haven’t looked for any others. For your sake, I found a couple others as well.

Autism Dad’s Support – I just recently joined this group. They are a good bunch of guys, but opening posts from this group is definitely NSFW (boys being boys and all that). I had to turn off notifications from them as my FB feed is often open on my computer and pictures from this group would appear on my newsfeed in front of my kids and my wife.

Autism Dad’s in it Together. I am a part of this group. A close-knit group of guys. But a word of warning. It is definitely NOT for everyone. It’s a bit like walking into a pub/bar. And what I mean by that is, yes, you will find support. But you will also find raw emotion. You will find authenticity. You will find the best bunch of depraved, foul-mouthed, miscreants from either side of the ocean. But you will love it. Because you can be yourself.  A word of warning, they also have NSFW pictures, but they limit it to a single thread 2 days a week and the images are posted in the comments section, which is then deleted by an admin to keep from prying eyes.

Autism Dads – I joined this group 2 months ago. It’s not very active. There have been 2 posts made since then.


A look at life living with children who have autism from the perspective of a dad (me). Fun challenging emotional inspirational amazing eventful

Ink4Autism is a worldwide collective of tattoo shops that ink autism themed tattoos with funds being donated to autism services.

Hi there. I’m the father of six amazing kids, all of whom are on the autism spectrum. (I know, right?)

Well it’s simple really. I’m a single dad of a son who has high functioning Autism. Oh yeah, and I have a beard. Anything posted is my personal opinion.

A page to share news and updates about my blog ‘Married Dad of an Autistic Lad’.

A page about me, my girls and better half, my sister and just how we all flow through a life filled with autism.

We are just a family learning as we go. Two sons on the spectrum and a NT daughter.

A rarely shared perspective of autism, and the personal struggles a dad must face as he comes to terms with his two sons diagnoses’s. Available at Amazon

Our Life With Autism. A Dad’s Perspective.

A place for family of kids with ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, to better understand the day to day lives of their tour guides on this amazing journey.

Support for Autism Families in WV and beyond. Our three pillars are support, education, and advocacy.

Thoughts and reflections of a Father, Husband, Son and former Law Officer. I’ll share happy, sad, angry and funny stories here. Come lets, hike together!

Children with autism can do amazing, incredible things! You can use this book to teach your child about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I’m a father of two beautiful daughters on the spectrum. This page is for awareness talk, and support of all who help with special needs.

Stories about everyday life raising two boys with autism. Written from a dad’s point of view 🙂

A page for this family to share its journey with Gianluca as he makes his way through the fog that is autism.

I’m a dad of a son with nonverbal autism.I show what being an autism dad is really like, the good & the bad, the pee & the poop.

am proud dad of 3 boys. This page was made for my youngest son Noah that was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months.

A place for all parents, caregivers, therapists, siblings, and anyone impacted by autism.

Here is my story, here are my thoughts. Please join me in conversation and share yours.

Support , education and discussion on everything autism.

Just a peek into the Life of the “Lil’ Dude”, our 7 year old, active ASD son who loves to stay on the go! Welcome to our world


And if nothing else, you can find me right here.

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Jason Reynolds

Jason is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. He is also a parent of Jonny (9) and Jonah (4) who was diagnosed with Autism in December 2016.
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